Ubuntu: Disable That Annoying Touchpad Click

In my opinion, one of the worse inventions since “PC”, is the annoying (and I’m been respectful) Touchpad. Not only it takes you out of your home row (keyboard), or the fact that you need like two passes for reaching corners. But because it really &*^#$%^*$ annoys me when typing accidentally make a click.

Lucky me… there’s a way to disable Touchpad-Click. Simply go to System > Preferences > Mouse, click on Touchpad tab, and uncheck: Ennable mouse clicks with touchpad.

So long Touchpad-click!!!

Ubuntu: Disable That Annoying Touchpad Click

Ubuntu (Gutsy): Change Default Keyring Password

I changed my user password in Ubuntu, everything was OK until the next time I booted my Linux box. Keyring Manager was asking me for a password (as my wireless connection needed stored WPA password), immediately figured out that this was caused by the password change.

The problem is that Gnome Keyring manager doesn’t have an option to change the default keyring password. So, if your user password is changed, every time you log in Keyring Manager will ask for the password you supplied during Ubuntu’s installation (awkward).

Due the lack of password change in Keyring Manager we need another application: Seahorse. To install type the following:

$ sudo apt-get install seahorse

Once installed open it (Applications -> Accessories -> Passwords and Encryption Keys), and then go to Edit -> Preferences menu. Select GNOME Keyring tab and change the password to match your actual Linux user password.

Keyring Manager

Ubuntu (Gutsy): Change Default Keyring Password